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Via Daily Mail:

Therapists across the United States say that ever since president Donald Trump took office patients have been experiencing more anxiety – and it’s affecting both Trump critics and supporters.

Several therapists spoke to Canada’s CBC News saying that many of their patients have a fear about the country’s future and if Trump will ‘blow us all up.’

‘There is a fear of the world ending,’ DC therapist Elisabeth LaMotte said. ‘It’s very disorienting and constantly unsettling.’

LaMotte said there is a ‘collective anxiety’ about how Trump’s decisions could affect everyone. Patients and therapists refer to it as ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’, although it is not an official diagnosis.

She said the ‘disorder’ has been on the rise since the 2016 election, and mimics patients who have been raised by a parent with a personality disorder. LaMotte said those patients typically display traits such as ‘grandiosity, excessive attention-seeking and severe lack of empathy.’

‘Whether it’s conscious or not, I think we look to the president of the United States as a psychological parent,’ she said.

Clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning, of Illinois, wrote a 2017 essay on Trump Anxiety Disorder saying the symptoms include patients feeling a loss of control and helplessness, and fretting about what’s happening in the country. She said they also spend an ‘excessive’ amount of time on social media.

LaMotte said one patient experiencing Trump-related anxiety asked her: ‘Is he gonna blow us all up?’

In January, Twitter users called on Twitter to block Trump’s account or remove his tweet after he told North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un that his nuclear weapons button was ‘bigger and more powerful’.

‘North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works,’ the president tweeted.

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