Someone got triggered and complained.

Via Fox News:

An Ohio bar is facing backlash after displaying a sign with a handwritten message that many have deemed offensive.

A photo of the sign, hanging on a wall at Broney’s Alumni Grill in Athens, went viral after an upset customer shared it on social media.

Lia Knox posted a picture of the sign on Facebook Friday, which reads: “If you’re looking for a safe space this ain’t it Cupcake.”

The handwritten message was displayed on a large chalkboard branded with the logo of Rhinegeist, a Cincinnati-based brewery and vendor of the bar. And on Saturday, Rhinegeist announced it would no longer be doing business with Broney’s over the “ignorant, disrespectful” message.

“At Rhinegeist, we are committed to our people and our community. Today, we were made aware of an offensive message written on a Rhinegeist-branded chalkboard at Broney’s Alumni Grill in Athens, Ohio. The content of the message was ignorant, disrespectful, and wholly inconsistent with our values as a company. As a result, we have ended our relationship with this establishment and will not do business with them in the future,” the brewery wrote on Facebook.

“We look forward to continuing to champion inclusion, respect, love, and equality. Thank you and have a great weekend.”

Critics of the sign noted that the bar is located near the Ohio University campus, which many claim has a high rate of sexual assault.

“Telling people they aren’t safe IS inappropriate! I work as a bartender in this town and would NEVER use making people unsafe as a way to get business,” one person wrote.

“I go to OU. We constantly are getting emails that people are getting sexually assaulted in our town. This is NOT okay in the environment of a college town. You people arguing saying everyone is too sensitive seriously probably know nothing about OU’s culture, living in a college town or Broney’s at all,” someone else commented.

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