Google will need deep pockets.

Via Washington Examiner:

Google has recruited the #Resistance to lobby Congress giving a good idea of just how seriously the Internet giant takes accusations of anti-conservative bias on their platforms.

The same day that Google heads into the House Judiciary Committee to testify on that issue, Politico reports that Google also signed Oscar Ramirez and Dana Thompson of InSight Public Affairs as lobbyists. That personnel move could mean disturbing policy is around the corner.

Consider their resumes.

Both Ramirez and Thompson worked for the Podesta Group, the lobbying firm named after Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and a person of interest to the FBI due to his ties to Ukrainian nationals.

Alarming but understandable, that experience isn’t what should tip off Republicans. The GOP should be more concerned that Ramirez and Thompson worked for two of the most unhinged Democrats currently in Congress.

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