The mayor, Marilyn Mosby and the Obama DOJ convinced them they were endangered if they enforced the law.

Via Daily Wire:

A new report from USA Today suggests that Baltimore police officers “stopped seeing crime” after facing harsh criticism — even from their own mayor — following the 2015 death of a man in their custody, Freddie Gray.

Gray died after receiving injuries in the back of a police transport vehicle; three officers were put on trial for the incident and later acquitted. Prosecutors dropped their case against three other officers. The Justice Department opened an investigation into Baltimore’s police department at large and accused “Baltimore’s police of arresting thousands of people without a valid legal basis, using unjustified force and targeting black neighborhoods for unconstitutional stops,” according to USA Today.

Civil rights activists say they had hoped the DOJ’s findings would encourage Baltimore’s law enforcement officials to improve their policies and adopt a kinder and gentler form of policing. Instead, fearful that they might be indicted for any wrong move, Baltimore’s police force stopped moving at all.

“These guys aren’t stupid. They realize that if they do something wrong, they’re going to get their head bit off. There’s no feeling that anybody’s behind them anymore, and they’re not going to do it,” a retired officer told the paper. “Nobody wants to put their head in the pizza oven when the pizza oven is on.”

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