Feeling the Bern all the way to the bank.

Via Daily Caller:

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont made over $1 million in 2017, the second year in a row his income has equaled seven figures, the VTDigger reports.

The Senate salary was $174,000. The majority of Sanders’ income came from advances and royalties totaling $885,767, according to a May financial report reviewed by VTDigger.

Sanders’ income first crossed the $1 million mark in 2016 when he made $795,000 on an advance for his book “Our Revolution” published the same year.

Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist and ran for president in the 2016 election but lost in the Democrat primary to Hillary Clinton. Sanders gained a following using class warfare, pitting poor and middle-class Americans against the upper middle-class and the wealthy. Sanders campaigned on a higher minimum wage, free college tuition and raising taxes on the rich.

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