But media has completely blacked this story out. No AR-15, gang member, illegally possessed a weapon. So they don’t care about the 17 people.

Via Daily Mail:

A shooting in Trenton that left 22 injured on Sunday may have been prevented if one of the suspects wasn’t granted an early prison release for murder, and an additional sentence for racketeering during his incarceration.

Governor Phil Murphy just signed into legislation some of the strictest gun laws in the country and called for gun control laws at the federal level in the aftermath of the shooting.

However, he did not address 33-year-old shooter and suspected gang member, Tahaji Wells, early release from prison this February as a potential factor in the violence that left 17 of those injured with gun shot wounds at the Art All Night festival.

Wells was killed by police and a second suspect, Amir Armstrong, 23, remained hospitalized in stable condition, while an unidentified third suspect is in critical condition, according to CBS Philly.

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