Shaking up the U.N.

Via Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, once again, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley fearlessly spoke the truth about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, squarely putting the blame for the conditions in Gaza on the terrorist group that runs the area: Hamas.

Haley spoke before the U.N. General Assembly voted for a resolution introduced by Algeria, Turkey and the Palestinians that condemned Israel for “excessive, indiscriminate force by the Israeli forces” against the Palestinians.

Haley, who attempted to include an amendment that would have condemned Hamas, started by noting that the “Special Session on the Situation In Gaza” was only being held to vilify Israel, pointing out that over 146 peaceful Nicaraguans have been killed by their own government in the past two months as they protested, that thousands of peaceful Iranian protestors have been arrested, with over 25 dead, that the world’s worst humanitarian crisis was going on right now in Yemen, with millions are at risk for starvation, and in Burma, almost a million innocent people have been driven from their homes in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Yet the UN was not interested in talking about that.

Why the focus on Gaza? Haley asked. She answered, “What makes Gaza different for some is that attacking Israel is their favorite political sport. That’s why we’re here today.”

She ripped the resolution being offered, noting, “It is totally one-sided. It makes not one mention of Hamas, who routinely initiates violence in Gaza. Such one-sided resolutions at the UN do nothing to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Everyone recognizes that. But advancing peace is not the goal of this resolution.”

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