So far, it’s not doing well.

Via Daily Caller:

The former Senate Intelligence Committee official indicted for lying to the FBI during a leak investigation pleaded not guilty in federal court on Wednesday.

James A. Wolfe, the former director of security for the Senate panel, also set up a legal defense fund in which he is seeking $500,000 to pay for his legal bills.

Wolfe, the former director of security at the Senate committee, was indicted on Thursday on three counts of lying to the FBI about his contacts with reporters.

During a Dec. 15, 2017 interview with FBI agents, Wolfe denied knowing four separate reporters. But phone records and photographic evidence showed that Wolfe knew the journalists, according to a grand jury indictment.

Wolfe appears to have given journalists information about former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The government indictment suggests that Wolfe gave reporter Ali Watkins information about Page for an article that she published on April 3, 2017. He also allegedly provided information to reporters for an Oct. 17, 2017 story about a subpoena issued against Page.

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