Just one note, the Supreme Court didn’t decide the baker had a right to refuse, they didn’t actually decide that issue. They held that he had been discriminated against by the local civil commission.

Via Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, Campus Reform uploaded a video in which digital media director Cabot Phillips asks students in Washington, D.C. about the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision by the Supreme Court.

Phillips asked: “So a Supreme Court case yesterday ruled that a baker in Colorado did not have to provide a cake for a gay wedding because of his religious beliefs and preferences. Do you agree or disagree with that ruling?”

As expected, many of the students disagreed:

“I think you should have to bake the cake ‘cause it’s his job.”

“The fact that our Supreme Court found that this was an okay thing, I find appalling.”

“If his job is to bake a cake for a wedding, even if he doesn’t agree with it, he should still have to bake a cake for that wedding.”

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