Going after nanny government.

Via Washington Times:

The men and women of Country Time Lemonade have started a “Legal-Ade” defense fund for entrepreneurial kids who are new to bureaucratic red tape.

Each year children across the U.S. have lemonade stands targeted by local officials over rules and regulations meant for commercial enterprises. Country Time announced its plans to fight back on Thursday with a humorous advertisement posted to YouTube.

“Around the country, kids are getting busted for running lemonade stands,” a narrator says. “Entrepreneurship, good work habits, good old-fashioned fun? Shut down by old, arcane, but very real laws.”

The company highlighted 6-year-old Autumn Thomasson’s story. The Porterville, Califorinia girl was cited in 2017 for running a stand without a license.

“It’s happening everywhere,” the narrator continues. “No, seriously, look it up. But this summer things are going to be different because Country Time is introducing “Legal-Ade” — a crack team ready to straighten out lemonade stand permits and fines, making sure no kid is denied their right to a lemonade stand and all the benefits they bestow.”

Country Time’s video then cuts to a cadre of men and women in suits surrounding a young girl.

“Tastes like justice,” an actor says.

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