Obama built that.

Via Townhall:

This story broke before the long weekend, but because the corresponding news cycle was fraught screaming about NFL anthem kneeling regulations, it largely got lost in the culture war cacophony. One of the fundamental flaws of the Iran nuclear deal — from which President Trump has withdrawn the United States, correctly, in my view — is that the regime in Tehran simply is not a reliable partner. Even if they were to technically abide by every one of the West’s temporary restrictions (it must be noted that they have not done so scrupulously, and provably lied from the very beginning), the Iranians would emerge from their decade-plus stay in the global penalty box as a cash-flush threshold nuclear-armed power, thanks to the accord’s extraordinary and lopsided concessions.

President Obama has effectively admitted as much, just as he’s allowed that the regime has almost certainly exploited its new financial windfall to finance terrorism, and has breached the “spirit” of the agreement through its ongoing pursuit of technology to deliver the nuclear weapons they continue to covet. And now we can add even more clandestine treachery to the rap sheet, via the New York Times:


For years, Iran has been operating a secret weapons facility in a remote desert. Satellite imagery strongly suggests it’s for developing long-range missiles — which can deliver nuclear warheads — which is often “conducted under cover of night.”https://t.co/3kvGanXfgX
— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) May 23, 2018[…]

Again, Iran is either directly violating international law, or at least thumbing its nose at the clear “spirit” of the international nuclear pact to which it has ostensibly agreed. Defenders of that deal will eagerly point to this detail: “Such a program would not violate the international deal intended to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.” It’s true: In a major eleventh-hour giveaway to Tehran, the Obama administration caved to Iranian demands that the West also ease sanctions against its illicit ballistic missiles program, and lift the existing international weapons embargo. The fact that the discovery of a (growing) secret desert facility designed for the development of long-range missiles (the pursuit of which Iranian leaders have denied), largely operating in the dark of night, would not constitute a violation of the Iran deal is not a compelling defense of the Iran deal. It is a devastating indictment of it.

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