Didn’t have to leave his car.


Police say a suspected robber is recovering from two gunshot wounds as he tried to rob a restaurant in Santa Ana.

And police say the bullets came from a customer in the drive-thru lane.

CBS2’s Laurie Perez spoke to a witness and sorts out the bizarre story.

The Cozy Corner’s security cameras were rolling at 12:43 Saturday morning when police say a masked man entered the restaurant with a black revolver and demanded money.

He threw a bag at one of the workers and demanded she fill it with cash. Her hands shaking, she filled the bag. As he grabbed the bag, shots rang out.

At least one shot hits the drink machine. Next you see the man turns and he is wounded and falls to the floor.

“Tres balazos,” said witness and restaurant cook Daniel Acevedo. That translates into three bullets.[…]

The cook said a man and two women had pulled up to order food at the same time the robber was inside. He does not believe they were together.

“Al mejor el carro quizo ayudar,” Acevedo said, believing the people in the car were trying to help, at best.

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