Remember this guy, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif? Here he was meeting with John Kerry in 2016 working on the Iran Deal.

Then this past month, shortly before President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran Deal, it was reported that John Kerry had been holding secret meetings with the Iranians including Zarif as well as many European leaders interfering in American foreign policy. Among other things, he reportedly told them that Trump didn’t represent everyone and that he wasn’t likely to be president much longer.

The Iranians acknowledged that they met with Kerry and seemed to reiterate the script that Kerry had impressed upon him, that they didn’t believe that they had to listen to Trump, that there were other voices in America.

Kerry was essentially violating the Logan Act and undermining U.S. foreign policy to help the Iranians.

But here’s the extra kicker. Here’s ‘moderate’ Javad Zarif, that trustworthy soul, chanting ‘Death to America.’

H/T Twitchy