Pay to play.

Via Daily Mail:

The Clintons partied like it was 2015 on Thursday night, hosting a $100,000-a-table star-studded gala designed to relaunch their troubled family charity.

Sting and Shaggy performed together on stage, Jon Bon Jovi introduced Bill and the audience included millionaires and Hillary super-fans who got in line for selfies.

On offer at a post-dinner auction was a trip to the Caribbean with Bill – or chardonnay with Hillary.

It was an echo of the charity’s golden years, before an intense focus on it during Hillary’s losing run for the presidency, and now an active FBI investigation into whether it was part of a pay-to-play scheme while she was secretary of state, made it a lightning rod for controversy.

But Bill, Hillary and Chelsea were defiant as they fronted the event, with Hillary telling attendees: ‘You being here is really heartening to me.’

There were signs of the headwinds the trio face however, with the New York venue which hosted the event not being publicly disclosed, and no sign of photographs or videos of the celebrations on the three Clintons’ social media accounts.[…]

Attendees could bid to join Bill on a Clinton Foundation trip to the Carribean, touring what it said were ‘sustainable energy’ projects in the islands, and visit Puerto Rico to see reconstruction efforts after last year’s devastating hurricane.

The trip included the chance to see Lin-Manuel Miranda perform the title role in his hit Hamilton in Puerto Rico, which is scheduled to be next January.

Also on offer, was ‘chardonnay with Hillary Clinton’. The program said: ‘Savor a rare opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine with one of the most admired and respected women in the world.

‘During this experience of a lifetime, get to know the woman who has been on the frontlines of the fight for social justice, children’s advocacy, women’s equality, and human rights across the globe, all while enjoying a glass of her favorite Chardonnay.’

That prompted an auction battle with the auctioneer saying: ‘This is more drama than Trump v Mueller.’

The winning bid was $65,000, to the obvious delight of Bill.

And there was also a lot from Chelsea: ‘Storytime for your mini activist and young reader with Chelsea Clinton.’

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