They hate Trump so much, they say stuff like this.

Via Daily Wire:

On Thursday afternoon, liberal freelance writer Rob Rousseau said he’d rather have his daughter date a member of the violent gang MS-13 than a member of the Republican Party.

“I would rather my daughter dated a member of MS-13 than a member of the Republican Party,” he wrote.

Rousseau has published pieces with VICE Sports, among other publications. Most of his Twitter feed is dedicated to bashing Republicans and President Donald Trump.

The freelance writer’s purposefully incendiary tweet about his daughter (which he does not actually have) was made in reaction to President Trump calling MS-13 members “animals.” The vicious gang, comprised mostly of immigrants from El Salvador, rapes, tortures, and murders victims in gruesome fashion, operating on the motto “Kill, Rape, Control.” In one such case, two teen girls were beaten with bats and hacked so severely with machetes that they were unrecognizable. When the MS-13 murderers appeared in court, they smiled, laughed, and waved as the victims’ family members looked on.

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