The black Nancy Pelosi. Update to this story.

Via Charlotte Observer:

Just weeks after Charlotte councilwoman LaWana Mayfield ignited controversy for supporting a 9/11 conspiracy theory, she is on the defense for a tweet likening law enforcement officers to terrorists.

That tweet, sent March 26, said: “Being Black in America under #45 (Donald Trump) has created homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms.”

She expanded on her argument Thursday with a follow-up tweet alluding to police “corruption.”

“I have and continue to be one of the strongest supporters of law enforcement,” she tweeted, “but I will NOT turn a blind eye to corruption, assaults, and the killings of unarmed black & brown people. If you are offended by my comments and not the situation YOU need to re-evaluate.”

Criticism of her statement has continued for weeks but gained a higher profile this week when two Charlotte TV stations took notice. WSOC reported Wednesday that some officers are calling the message “inappropriate, especially as they are asking the City Council for a pay raise and are trying to recruit more officers.”

Mayfield, a Democrat who represents Charlotte’s west side, responded to the criticism on Twitter late Wednesday with a tone of defiance. “So YOU do NOT support Freedom of Speech? Or do YOU support the attacks on unarmed Black & Brown people????” she said in the tweet.

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