Via Daily Caller:

A lawyer for Abid Awan — one of the three brothers who the House Inspector General found made “unauthorized access” to congressional servers before the election — used a deposition in an unrelated civil case to ask a witness to reveal what she told FBI agents, to ascertain if they asked about “radical Islamic activities,” and inquire about a grand jury.

Attorney Jim Bacon also asked the witness to try to find out details of the investigation from officials and asked whether they had offered to put her into a witness protection program. The deposition was given as part of a lawsuit regarding the Awans’ deceased father’s $50,000 life insurance policy.

Bacon asked the witness — the Awans’ stepmother, Samina Gilani — who from Capitol Hill was gathering information about the alleged hack on Congress, according to a transcript of the deposition, which was conducted in Bacon’s office.

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