The bus could clear out the Home Depot parking lot within 5 minutes of pulling in.

Via Fox5:

The Georgia Primary is next week and one gubernatorial candidate has generated controversy over a new campaign ad and his campaign tour bus

State Senator Michael Williams said he is taking a firm stand on immigration reform, but it’s the way he is going about it that has some folks up in arms. Michael Williams Deportation Bus Tour kicks off Wednesday, but it’s already generating controversy online.

“If you are as tired as I am by politicians who do nothing but talk, and you want to see this bus filled with illegals, vote Michael Williams on May 22,” said Williams said in a campaign ad released in advance of the bus tour.

The Deportation Bus is a mobile billboard spelling out the Republican Gubernatorial candidate’s stance on illegal immigration.

“We talk about fearless conservative; a lot of people ask what does that mean. Well, this is it,” said Williams.

The state senator will crisscross the state in the bus bringing his message of immigration reform to Georgia voters in the days leading up to May 22’s Georgia Primary.

“We are willing to go out there and hit the issue head-on, and illegal immigration is one of the biggest issues in our country and we need to start talking about it,” said Williams.

It’s very concerning,” said Mayor Ted Terry, Clarkston.

Mayor Terry and other critics worry the messages emblazoned on the bus like “Danger: Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molesters and other criminals on board” is dangerous rhetoric. Clarkston, which has a large refugee population, is one of the communities Williams plans to visit this week.

“The city police chief has been made aware and so they will be monitoring the bus as they stroll through the city,” the mayor said.

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