Via Daily Caller:

Eugenior Joseph, a Trump supporter who claims he was attacked at a Cheesecake Factory on Sunday, spoke out about what happened during a Wednesday interview with “Fox & Friends.”

Joseph said he wore a “MAGA” hat at the restaurant during a Mother’s Day dinner with his girlfriend and her family, but was stunned when the employees began making comments about his hat and tried to intimidate the group into leaving.

“I walked to the restroom with my girlfriend walking into the restroom and as I was walking back, a whole group of people came out of the kitchen and just started shouting and yelling and clapping things and saying things towards me as I was walking back to my seat,” Joseph explained. “You know, I just ignored it but I could tell my girlfriend was uncomfortable and it was just really wrong.”

Joseph said he supports President Trump because he is “what the country needs,” but said that even if people don’t support Trump they should respect his right to wear the hat.

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