Deport, have them apply for asylum from their country of origin.

Via Fox News:

Several U.S. military bases may soon house illegal immigrant children caught crossing the border, two government officials told the Associated Press.

The Health and Human Services Department is also considering using the bases to shelter children who were separated from their parents while illegally entering the country, the officials reportedly said.

Illegal immigrant children are often separated from their parents for their own welfare, or because their parents are facing criminal charges.

The sources discussed the plan Tuesday on condition of anonymity because it has not been made public or made final.

Health and Human Services is a federal agency that oversees approximately 100 shelters in more than a dozen states for children seized at the border. The agency’s mission is to ensure the health of Americans and provide critical services.

HHS has temporarily used military bases for housing in the past. During a surge in children from Central America in 2014, the HHS temporarily used military bases in California, Oklahoma and Texas to house children.

That process was not without its critics. In 2014, Texas officials appealed to the Obama administration to secure the U.S.-Mexico border as waves of illegal immigrant children overwhelmed the system, with one lawmaker saying U.S. military bases effectively have been transformed into camps to handle the influx.

“Our military bases are turning into refugee camps. I never thought I’d see this in the United States of America,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said at the time.

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