He isn’t buying into the narrative.

Via Charlotte Observer:

The mayor of Warsaw, North Carolina is defending a police officer he says is being threatened after a video showed him choking and slamming a man to the ground at a local Waffle House.

Wall, who lives in Fayetteville, said he was at the Warsaw Waffle House with a group after taking his 16-year-old sister to prom. He said he and his sister argued with Waffle House employees and the police were called.

The argument began when a Waffle House employee cursed at people in his group after they sat at a table that had not been cleaned yet, Wall told The News & Observer in an interview. Then, Wall said, a waitress called the police.

Mayor A.J. Connors said Wall started a fight and he needed to be arrested, but said it was not a racially-motivated incident.

“…we must understand that this young man had broke the law. He was there, he started a fight,” Connors said in a video statement posted to Facebook on May 11. “An officer’s job is to make an arrest if they see fit or there’s a reason to. This officer did what he had to do to make sure.

“Now I want the public to understand that this is not a racially-motivated issue. This was just a young man who had broken the law, and a law enforcement officer arrested him. And unfortunately physical contact took place because he refused to cooperate or follow the — or obey the law. “[…]

Connors asked people to “eliminate the prejudging” and allow the justice system to operate. He also asked that people stop calling the police department “and making threats and calls and tying up the lines.”

“We have a judicial system that works,” he said. “Let the system work.”

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