Someone better find an effective strategy against this character.

Via Free Beacon:

Liberal billionaire George Soros is the only individual funding a political action committee established by a coalition of anti-Trump organizations that will target infrequent voters in three battleground states for the November midterm elections, filings show.

Soros, who bankrolled lawsuits against voter identification laws and poured money into voter mobilization campaigns during the 2016 elections, has a personal goal of enlarging the electorate by 10 million voters, internal documents from his foundation previously revealed.

The Center for Community Change, Planned Parenthood Votes, Color of Change PAC, and Services Employees International Union (SEIU) announced this year that they will target infrequent voters—people of color, young people, and women—in an attempt to push them to the polls.

The initiative, called the “Win Justice” campaign, will focus on the battleground states of Florida, Michigan, and Nevada, all which have closely contested Senate races. The coalition plans to reach 2.5 million voters as part of the campaign by using digital organization, training individuals to knock on doors to mobilize voters, and peer-to-peer texting, USA Today reported last month.

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