She could have triggered a campus wide shelter in place warning.

Via Campus Reform:

Leandra Westbrook, a junior at Kent State University, claims she was wrongfully detained by campus police after students overheard her talking about her concealed carry license.

Westbrook, a junior studying political science, told Campus Reform that she had a phone conversation with a friend on the afternoon of April 27, during which she lamented “how it is a shame that I cannot carry a gun on campus, considering I have my carry license.”

Student cadet officers overheard Westbrook’s conversation, and then reported her to campus police at approximately 12:00 p.m., according to a copy of the police report obtained by Campus Reform.

Then, just before Westbrook was slated to take a quiz for her anatomy class, police entered the lecture hall of 200 students and she was “removed from class and searched,” according to both Westbrook and the police report.

Though Westbrook understands that the officers were “just doing their jobs,” she maintains that that the student cadets reported her in bad faith.

“I do not believe they genuinely thought I was a threat, because I specifically said I had a license to carry,” Westbrook told Campus Reform. “In the conversation I had, there was no way to misinterpret what I said, or to even suggest that I had a gun with me.”

She noted that she “would not be surprised if the student cadet who reported me was targeting me for being pro-Second Amendment,” adding that she’s historically faced harassment and vague threats from her peers due to her conservative beliefs.

As the former Vice President of her campus’s Turning Point USA chapter and a board member of the school’s Students for Life chapter, Westbrook says she’s well-known as a conservative, and she thinks it’s possible that the cadets who reported her knew that.

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