How insane is this? Says a lot more about Ryan’s mindset than anything about Sanders. She and other liberal reporters will literally twist anything said to attack the administration. This is a reporter that made up a fake conspiracy about a Thanksgiving day pie.

Via Fox News:

CNN political analyst April Ryan twisted Sarah Sanders’ words on Thursday night in order to make the absurd suggestion that the White House press secretary is looking for a physical confrontation with the star reporter.

After Ryan asked a combative question about comments Rudy Giuliani recently made on Fox News during Thursday’s press briefing, Sanders told Ryan, “Well, with all due respect, you actually don’t know much about me.”

Ryan misquoted Sanders while speaking to CNN colleague Don Lemon on-air afterwards, claiming the press secretary said, “You don’t know me,” before declaring the phrase to be fighting words.

“For Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the presidential spokesperson, the mouthpiece for the President of the United States, to say, ‘You don’t know me,’ in certain quarters in this nation, that starts a physical fight,” Ryan said. “I was very shocked. It was street. I will even go beyond that, it was gutter.”

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