She can’t stop digging. Update to this story.

Via The News and Observer:

Charlotte City Council member LaWana Mayfield apologized on the WCNC show “Flashpoint” for “the hurt and pain” due to her social media post about an “alleged plane” in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But in the interview, which aired Sunday morning, Mayfield did not say definitively whether she believed the World Trade Center towers fell because they were hit by two jetliners hijacked by terrorists.

Host Ben Thompson asked Mayfield: “Do you believe the planes took down those towers?”

Mayfield responded: “What I believe is that we lost Americans during this event. What I believe is that after this event, our nation identified a segment of our community and said this community is now terrorists. And from that moment, we have been saying ‘terrorists, terrorists, terrorists.’ ” But, she said, “white Americans who have committed mass killings since that time” were not called “terrorists.”

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