The perp ventured outside of his safe space and was triggered.

Via Campus Reform:

A University of Washington student was arrested Wednesday for throwing paint on College Republicans members who were promoting a pro-gun panel the club was hosting that night.

Diodato Boucsieguez, the CR group’s director of outreach, told Campus Reform that several local Antifa supporters were filming his group for about 20 minutes earlier that day for doxing purposes.

He also recalled seeing an individual with bright orange hair watching him through the grass behind the table for several minutes before approaching and dousing the students with paint.

“[The] individual walked around from my left and splashed my pants, our club banner, and other club materials with black paint,” he said. “Additionally, the school’s table and canopy were splashed with the paint.”

The perpetrator proceeded to take a picture of the vandalism before fleeing the scene, Boucsieguez noted, adding that several minutes later he called the police, who found and arrested the suspect outside the school’s Husky Union Building after about 15 minutes of searching.

The following day, another activist attempted to prevent passing students from seeing the pro-gun panel promotion by laying down across the CR’s table and pretending to take a nap. […]

As previously reported by Campus Reform, several pro-Antifa students also vandalized CR posters last year in an effort to make Republicans “feel unwelcome” on campus.

In a statement to Campus Reform, the UW College Republicans stressed that they hope to see actionable legal consequences for the protesters involved in the latest round of campus vandalism.

“We believe that political violence against free speech has no place in our great American republic,” the club said. “UWCR has a long track record of defending Free Speech and we intend to continue that by pressing charges and seeing that justice is served.”

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