Raffles for carbon credits aren’t selling any tickets.

Via The Resurgent:

A newly-introduced bill in the California legislature would severely cripple conservation efforts in the Golden State if passed.

AB 3199, which would amend how firearms are transferred, would limit gun raffles hosted by nonprofits to three a year under this proposed bill. Prominent wildlife and habitat conservation groups heavily rely on gun raffles to raise money for their efforts—even in California. Excise taxes collected on firearms—much like hunting and fishing licenses—directly go back to conservation efforts through the Pittman Robertson Act to be administered in individual states.

This provision to limit gun raffles to three a year was introduced by Assemblyman Chris Holden (D-Pasadena). Holden originally wanted to ban all gun raffles, but settled on this move instead.

“This would put a limit on it, to be sure,” Holden told The Sacramento Bee. “We think that’s a reasonable one … I’m not quite sure why someone would want to raffle off an AR-15, but this would at least create a reasonable set of standards of how that would be done, and (ensure) it’s in compliance with the law.”

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