Arbitrary dress code.

Via BPR:

A Wisconsin high school student who was sent to “the cubicle” for defying a ban on wearing his gun T-shirts is now fighting back.

Matthew Schoenecker, a freshman at Markesan High School, is suing the school district because he believes the T-shirt ban by his principal infringes on his First Amendment free speech right to support the Second Amendment, WISN-TV reported.

Schoenecker and his parents were reportedly told by the school before spring break that the teen would not be allowed to wear any of his collection of shirts depicting guns and other weapons. Schoenecker’s wardrobe includes shirts that spell out “Love” using a handgun, grenade, knives and a rifle, and another featuring an image of different firearms declaring “Celebrate Diversity.”

“I enjoy shooting, and I enjoy the Second Amendment, like the right to keep and bear arms,” he told WISN.

Apparently the Markesan High School principal was not a fan, however.

When Schoenecker arrived at school last week sporting the “Love” T-shirt, he got in trouble, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“It was his choice whether he wears it or not,” his father, Brian Schoenecker, told WISN. “He decided, ‘I’m gonna wear this. It’s my right.’”

The father arrived at the school with his wife, Pam Schoenecker, to find their son in a solitary confinement of sorts, placed in a small room known as “the cubicle” because he would not cover his gun T-shirt, WISN reported.

“There’s nothing in there saying he’s promoting violence whatsoever, which is what the principal said was the issue, that he was promoting violence at school,” Pam Schoenecker said.

The gun rights group, Wisconsin Carry, is funding the student’s federal lawsuit against the principal.

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