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Via Daily Mail:

A few dozen anti-war demonstrators gathered for a protest outside the White House on Saturday just a day after President Donald Trump ordered air strikes against targets in Syria.

Protesters chanted ‘hands off Syria’ and held signs saying ‘No war on Syria’ and ‘Endless war for empire.’

Other demonstrators from the group Code Pink held a sign which read: ‘Illegal and immoral war is not heroic.’

Code Pink also organized anti-war demonstrations in San Francisco on Saturday outside the homes of California Senator Dianne Feinstein and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, according to The Mercury News.

In downtown Los Angeles, demonstrators organized an ‘emergency protest’ on Saturday.

A crowd of a few dozen held signs. Some of them were even holding Syrian flags.

More demonstrations are scheduled to take place on Sunday in Oakland.

These protests are part of a nationwide event that will also see demonstrations in New York City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

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