And only white people can have this disorder.

Via The College Fix:

A coalition of African-American groups want a Maryland school district to “proactively” combat racism by declaring it a “mental health disorder that results in trauma on the intended victims.”

The Caucus of African American Leaders approved a measure Tuesday night which noted several racist incidents that had occurred in Anne Arundel County Public schools. According to the Capital Gazette, in addition to the “mental disorder” provision, the Caucus wants “a zero-tolerance policy for racism” and a set of “protocols [for] when racist incidents occur.”

Anne Arundel superintendent George Arlotto also felt the Caucus’s wrath; he’s accused of “fail[ing] to understand or appreciate how the trauma of racism has directly and indirectly” students and school staff.

The county NAACP signed on to Caucus measure.

The Caucus resolution mentions a racist petition created by a so-called “Kool Kids Klan,” and a noose that was found at middle school a year ago.

What it doesn’t note is that, regarding the petition, police tried to find anything by which to charge the teens responsible, but nothing rose to the level of an actual crime. It also doesn’t mention that back in 2017 a black student was responsible for sending a threat to her school using the (virtually identical) Twitter handle “@KoolkidsKlanKkk.”

Mention of a similar instance which occurred this past February also is absent.

The (racial) achievement gap also is included in the resolution which, if racism is to be designated a “mental health disorder,” should alarm clear-thinking people.

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