One less gun free zone.

Via News OK:

A proposal to expand the Self-Defense Act to places of worship received key approval from the Oklahoma Senate on Thursday, which could lead to gun owners feeling more comfortable bringing their firearms to church.

House Bill 2632 passed the Senate by a vote of 42-1. Lawton Democrat Randy Bass was the sole vote against the measure.

While in the Senate, lawmakers amended the bill in a way that mostly clarified the proposal’s language and intent. Because it was amended, it must now head back to the House floor for a final vote. It can then be acted on by Gov. Mary Fallin.

The measure adds places of worship to the list of locations where someone can legally use deadly force in defense of themselves or another person. State Sen. Micheal Bergstrom, R-Adair, said the rest of the Self-Defense Act, which is existing law, remains the same.

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