CNN news department fail, apparently didn’t watch the anti-gun March or read any of the stories about former Justice John Paul Stevens calling for a repeal. And if you think it’s the ‘fastest route to legal change’ as Cuomo argues, it means not only don’t you respect the Constitution but you’re stupid as well, as it is 1) not fast and 2) not going to happen.

Via Free Beacon:

CNN host Chris Cuomo appears to believe no one is calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment and that opponents of gun control create a “bogeyman” in saying gun control activists want to eradicate the right to bear arms.

In a segment with former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, Cuomo brought up President Donald Trump’s Wednesday morning tweet about the Second Amendment and how it “will never be repealed.”

“You have the president of the United States tweeting that the Second Amendment will never be repealed. Who is calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment? Who is calling for it?” Cuomo asked.

“Justice Stevens did,” Santorum replied.

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