The announcement to the parents makes it very clear it isn’t about remembering the Florida students, it’s about expressing a political opinion on gun control. And the Women’s March with their radical and anti-semitic leaders are behind this. So why are schools being permitted to do this?

Via Fox News:

The Chicago Republican Party has filed a complaint with Chicago Public Schools and is considering suing over an anti-gun violence student walkout Wednesday morning it calls “political” and an “indoctrination.”

Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson has publicly given her approval and support for the district-wide walkout, which a Chicago GOP Chairman says has turned into an administration-organized event not a “student walkout.”

Chris Cleveland, chairman of the Chicago GOP, pointed to an email sent by an elementary school principal that gave parents of young students instructions on the walkout and the option of making posters.

Students across the country were holding a walkout on Wednesday to protest gun violence and to call for gun control measures on the one-month anniversary of the Parkland school shooting that left 17 people dead.

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