Via Bearing Arms:

Imagine lawfully owning something, only to have the government decide you can’t be trusted with that same item. You can’t be trusted, they say, because some dipstick on the other side of the country decided to use a similar item illegally and horribly. Because he was of a similar age to you, you can no longer have that item.

You’d be pissed, right? You’d be furious. More importantly, you’d have every right to be.

Now, make this item a gun–something ownership of which is protected by the United States Constitution–and you’ve got a nice summation of the bill recently passed in Illinois.

As different states are looking at their gun laws in the aftermath of mass shootings, the Illinois State House and Senate passed a bill in late February that would require 18- to 20-year-olds to turn in their “assault rifles” within 90 days.

The Associated Press reports Democratic Rep. Michelle Mussman sponsored the bill, and it passed in the House 64-51.

If signed into law, it will prohibit people under 21 years old from buying or possessing “assault rifles,” high-capacity magazines, and .50-caliber rifles.

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