Because who needs the police in violence-free Baltimore… no, wait…

Via Baltimore Sun:

Is Baltimore getting more dangerous, or do people just think it is?

That question and others were raised by dozens of Johns Hopkins University students and faculty at a forum held Wednesday to discuss the prospect of the school’s creation of a new police force.

Hopkins announced earlier this week that it was pursuing legislation in the Maryland Senate that would allow it and other private institutions in the city to create their own police forces. In a letter to students, school leaders said that “almost every other urban research university, across the country and in Baltimore, has a university police department as part of its security operation.”

Students said they had not heard of the measure until they received the letter from the school notifying them. And that was unacceptable, said Alina Spiegel, a 24-year-old medical student, given the bill’s far-reaching consequences.

“This would affect community members who live on or near Hopkins property, people who walk through or drive through,” she said.[…]

Naadiya Hutchinson, 20, an undergraduate student, said she wanted to know what training officers would receive to avoid racial profiling.

“I really want to make sure that Hopkins is doing the best practices possible,” she said.[…]

Following the forum, Spiegel said she was frustrated that school officials had cited the rising perception of crime as contributing to the need for a university police force.

“A lot of us are future physicians, future scientists. Perception is never something that we want to base such a huge action that could affect so many people on.”

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