Sick bastard.

Via Daily Wire:

According to court documents, the Parkland, Florida school shooter has been observed laughing while in his solitary cell.

The shooter, who was jailed on February 14 and has been indicted on 17 capital murder charges, has been visited by one member of his family and the woman who took him in after his mother died; the only other visitors have been doctors and his public defenders. His public defenders have stated he will plead guilty to all charges if prosecutors eschew seeking the death penalty.

Records from Broward County Jail report the shooter “appeared to break out in laughter” on the evening of February 20 after he was visited by an unknown person, according to The Daily Mail. Consistent reports of the shooter being “restless at night” followed in the following days; on February 23, he would not leave his cell for recreational time but was seen “laughing and giggling” with his attorneys.

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