Maxine Waters nods in approval.

Via College Fix:

Claiming that the University of Chicago is founded on free slave labor, student groups there recently held a “teach-in” arguing that the university owes some of its black students slavery reparations.

The event continued to advance pressure on the prestigious private school to offer such restitution, lobbying that included a “Rally for Reparations” late last year, which included calls for “reparations” for African American community members in the South Side of Chicago, where the university is located.

At the late February teach-in, the groups Reparations at UChicago, the UChicago Socialists and UofC Resists, the organizers of the event, were joined by representatives from a graduate student union and a local Black Lives Matter chapter, as reported by The Chicago Maroon.

The demands cite the founding of the original University of Chicago in 1856 on land donated by Stephen Douglas, who purchased the property using profits from his Mississippi slave plantation. But University of Chicago leaders insist the institution is a functionally different entity from the original university.

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