Singing and chanting won’t gain them any points in a court of law.

Via The Daily Signal:

Student protesters sang, “No platform for fascists,” and chanted, “Rape culture is not a myth,” and “Microaggressions are real,” during a Monday speech by feminist scholar Christina Hoff Sommers at an Oregon law school.

Protesters at Lewis & Clark Law School interrupted the American Enterprise Institute scholar’s speech on multiple occasions. Sommers reported she was only able to give half of her speech.

“No platform for fascists, no platform at all,” the student protesters sang. “We will fight for justice until Christina’s gone. Which side are you on, friends, which side are you on?”

“Alright, are you all finished?” Sommers asked the protesters. “Because I think the rest of the audience would like to hear what I have to say. So can you be quiet for a while? And then we can debate and reason together. How about that?”

The students asserted that Sommers delegitimized female suffering.

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