The threat to ban is boomeranging.


AR-15s are becoming hard to find now that a bill before Congress could possibly ban them altogether.

A local store in Baton Rouge, Firearms Range and Clothing, is still carrying the rifle, but keeping them in stock is becoming difficult.

“We don’t sell assault rifles. What we sell are modern sporting rifles, which is what the AR-15 is,” John Hanchey, manager of the store told WBRZ.

According to Hanchey, the shop has only two AR-15s in stock, and right now, the store can’t get anymore.

“Last week. I was trying to order a couple of AR-15s from my two primary suppliers and both of them were completely out,” Hanchey added.

Charles King and his 13-year old son, Ty, are regulars at the gun range. The youngster even fires his dad’s AR-15.

“I’ve been shooting since I was three, so about ten years,” Ty King said.

And the 13-year-old sport shooter isn’t too concerned about a mass shooting incident taking place at his middle school in Baton Rouge.

“I personally feel safe because I know that the odds of somebody actually doing something are low,” he said.

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