The caged gorillas in the zoo are next.

Via Ft. Worth Star Telegram:

A gorilla statue’s presence and then its sudden removal from a park playground have taken up a disproportionate amount of time and energy from city officials in Corsicana, Texas.

On Tuesday night, Mayor Don Denbrow said in a statement that the caged gorilla statue affectionately known as “Dobby” would be hauled away from Corsicana’s Community Park after “a few citizens” complained that the statue was racially insensitive.

Corsicana resident Betty Lambert told the Corsicana Daily Sun that she sees both sides of the argument surrounding the statue.

“My grand nieces love Community Park. The gorilla cage was a favorite,” Lambert told the newspaper. “I am sympathetic to the idea that it could be thought of as a metaphor for the institution of slavery. I support the removal of the gorilla on the grounds that it could offend members of our community. At no time did I ever think of it as anything other than King Kong.”

Debrow said in his statement that Dobby was originally caged because of concerns about the safety of the children at the park.

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