Via BPR:

CNN is newly accused of stacking its Wednesday school shooting town hall in favor of a pro-gun control agenda.

The father of a survivor from last week’s mass shooting at Marjorty Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. made comments on Fox News Thursday night that appeared to confirm the account of another student who said CNN wanted him to read from a script at the town hall.

High school junior and JROTC Colton Haab, who protected his classmates with a makeshift kevlar shield during the shooting, claimed CNN rejected his speech and question and instead wanted him to read a scripted question.

According to Haab, who said he skipped out on the town hall after the incident, his original remarks involved the idea of employing veterans as armed guards at schools.

Ariana Klein, also a junior at Stoneman Douglas, said of Haab’s accusations:

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