Claude Independent School District has several staff members that carry concealed weapons on school grounds.

A sign in front of Claude ISD campuses shows that the district has multiple staff members who carry concealed weapons.

Parents who have children at the school say they feel very safe and comfortable knowing their staff are armed and ready to protect them if they have to.

“It makes me feel really, really safe that we have staff on hand if anything happened,” said mother of a Claude ISD student Sarah Hughes. “It brings me peace of mind.”

Since at least 2016, the district has had staff members who carry concealed weapons.

In case of an active shooter, Claude ISD Superintendent Brock Cartwright, says they feel they can keep the school safe.

“Mainly if we can locate the person and try to keep us safe at the same time,” said Cartwright. “When the DPS and officials get here, we back off.”

Staff members who carry are required to practice at a shooting range once a month. They also train with the Armstrong County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Public Safety.

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