Mitt, give someone else a chance.

Via Daily Caller:

The chairman of the Utah Republican Party blasted Mitt Romney as a carpet-bagger on Wednesday and compared him to Hillary Clinton.

Romney is expected to announce his candidacy to replace outgoing Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch on Thursday, but not all Republicans are thrilled with the prospect of a Sen. Romney.

“I think he’s keeping out candidates that I think would be a better fit for Utah because, let’s face it, Mitt Romney doesn’t live here, his kids weren’t born here, he doesn’t shop here,” Utah GOP chair Rob Anderson told the Salt Lake Tribune.

“I have two questions for Mitt,” Anderson told the paper. “First of all, why? And how do you expect to represent Utah when you don’t live here?”

Anderson said Romney is “essentially doing what Hillary Clinton did in New York” when she ran for Senate in 2000.

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