His parents need a little reality check.

Via Daily Wire:

In December, five months after U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson joined the Republican primary field in Wisconsin, his parents donated $2,700 each (the max amount allowed by the FEC) to possible Democratic opponent, incumbent Tammy Baldwin.


Whether Nicholson was aware of his parents’ donations by the time they were revealed in a February 5 FEC filing from Baldwin’s campaign is not known. However, it likely wasn’t too surprising given Nicholson’s upbringing.

During an interview with ABC affiliate WISN in August, the candidate explained how his political views were shaped by his Democratic parents and grandfather, and how he himself shifted from Democrat to Republican:

I was raised in a family that was left of center. My biggest political influence growing up was my grandfather. He was an FDR Democrat, lifelong construction worker, and one of my personal heroes. When we would walk from McCarty park to the old Boy Blue on Lincoln avenue, we’d talk about FDR the whole way there, and [on] the way back, he’d complain about Ronald Reagan. So, that’s what I knew of politics growing up, and that’s what I knew going to college.

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