One of the few media people who was getting it right: Willie Geist.

Via Free Beacon:

“Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist ripped American media outlets that wrote glowingly about Kim Jong Un’s sister during her visit to South Korea for the Winter Olympics, saying South Koreans told him they found the press’ fascination with her “mind-boggling.”

A variety of media outlets drew criticism for writing warmly about Kim Yo Jong, a director of propaganda for the rogue country, with several stories noting she smiled a lot as part of a “charm offensive.” She is North Korea’s propaganda and agitation director, playing a key role in the cult of personality around her brother’s dictatorship.

Despite this and North Korea’s abysmal human rights record, CNN declared Kim Yo Jong was “stealing the show” at the Olympics, and Reuters penned a piece quoting analysts as saying North Korea was going for a “diplomacy gold medal.” The New Republic‘s Jeet Heer called the North Korean charm offensive “surprisingly successful.”

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