A trespasser calls the police on a trespasser. Bizzaro world.

Via NBC:

A father-of-three in Washington state who called 911 simply to report a trespasser was “hand-delivered” by local police into the custody of federal immigration officials, his lawyer charged on Tuesday.

Wilson Rodriguez, 32, called police early last Thursday morning after he saw someone trespassing on his property and looking into his car and house in Tukwila, Washington, attorney Luis Cortes told NBC News.

“He became very nervous for the safety of himself and his kids and called police,” Cortes said, adding that Rodriguez had had previous problems with attempted break-ins at his home.

An hour later, officers from the Tukwila Police Department drove Rodriguez to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office, Cortes said, in a case that advocates believe could make both documented and undocumented immigrants hesitant to report crimes in the future.

“They hand delivered him right to their office and from there he was processed and taken to the Northwest Detention Center, one of the largest in the country,” Cortes said. “He’s being held there now without bond. ICE has refused to release him.”

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