Democrats should keep up this talking point. Mocking Americans will go over so well in November.

Via Townhall:

This morning we critiqued Paul Ryan for succumbing to a leftist pile-on by pulling down a tweet that highlighted a quote from a public school secretary in Pennsylvania who was delighted to discover a very small tax break she received under the GOP’s recently-passed overhaul. In attempting to cast Ryan as out-of-touch, his critics were revealing themselves as the true elitists by denigrating a working woman’s lived experience. Ryan wasn’t “boasting” about her $1.50-per-week pay raise; she was. I suppose conservatives can debate whether it was a wise move to showcase that particular example in the first, when there are larger dollar figures helping families all across the country (I happen to believe it was a useful story to share) — but every single time Democrats choose to pooh-pooh tax reform’s tangible benefits to real people as inconsequential or small potatoes, the GOP should be prepared to aggressively counterattack.

In the original Associated Press story that started all of this, a worker from Florida is quoted as saying that the extra $200 in his paycheck was a welcome sight: “I have heard time and again that the middle class is getting ‘crumbs,’ but I’ll take it!” he said. He’s not alone. Democrats’ startlingly bad talking point is paternalistic snobbery, and their targets can feel it. Here’s a local news report out of an ABC affiliate in Louisiana:

If you recently noticed a sudden jump in your paycheck it’s most likely not a mistake. Some companies are giving employees bonuses or pay raises in the wake of Congress passing President Trump’s tax reform bill. The tax plan itself is leaving more take-home pay in your paycheck too. “Basically it’s a one to two percent raise that they didn’t have to pay anything for,” says accountant, Kyle George. “It’s bigger than crumbs like the politicians were saying… It’s bigger than crumbs,” says Mark Guilbeau of Lafayette. And they’re already making plans for what to do with it. “I plan to pay down some credit card debt,” says Guilbeau… Experts say no worker should be impacted negatively.

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