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Via Daily Mail:

The alleged Kentucky shooting suspect has been named as the son of a prominent newspaper editor in the town.

Gabe Parker, 15, has been identified as the suspect in the rampage on Tuesday that left two dead by the Courier-Journal.

Sources close to the family confirmed his identity to the paper, and explained that he is the son of Mary Garrison Minyard, the editor of the Marshall County Online.

Minyard rushed to the school on Tuesday morning to cover the incident when she realized her son was the primary suspect, the sources explained.

Parker has been accused of opening fire on Tuesday morning and fatally shooting two classmates and 12 others, all aged 14 to 18, as classes were just about to begin.

Bailey Holt died at the scene, while Preston Ryan Cope was declared dead at a hospital in Nashville.

Authorities have not yet confirmed the suspect’s name, and haven’t released a potential motive.

Friends and others who knew Parker, a sophomore at Marshall County High School, told the Courier Journal he was a ‘grandma’s boy.’

They said the red-head went fishing with his grandparents and that ‘anything grandma needed, he would get.’

‘His grandma was his best friend,’ his neighbor Allyn Hornick told the paper.

He also said he spoke to Parker a few weeks ago, and that the boy seemed anxious and down.

Ashley Collie told the paper with her parent’s permission that she was baffled when she saw the photo of Parker being taken into custody on Tuesday.

The 15-year-old, said she was in Parker’s math class and described him as ‘a really good kid.’

She said he was quiet, and that he kept to himself, according to the Journal.

Collie also said that after the shooting, some of Parker’s friends said he’d been ‘snappy’ since returning from Christmas break.

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