CHIP expired tonight, DACA expires the end of March, good job Dems.

Via BI:

The Senate voted against a key procedural step necessary to pass a GOP-led short-term funding bill Friday night, all but guaranteeing the federal government will enter a partial shutdown at midnight.

The cloture vote, which allows a bill to proceed without the ability of a member to filibuster, failed to get the 60 votes were needed for passage.

Almost all Democrats voted to block the short-term bill that would have sustained federal funding at current levels, called a continuing resolution (CR), citing the fact that the measure did not include a solution for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program.

President Donald Trump announced he would end the program in September, but gave Congress six months to codify DACA into law. With the March deadline approaching, Democrats demanded that a DACA fix be included in the CR.

In addition to the Democratic wall, a handful of Republican senators voted against the bill. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee voted against due to concerns about the adequacy of another CR in funding the government. The bill would have only funded the government through February 16. Sen. Rand Paul also voted against the bill because of its addition to the national debt. Jeff Flake also voted no.

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