Never go against the academia narrative.

Via The College Fix:

Many found it acceptable to be hateful toward me because they perceived me as ‘hateful’

It is difficult to express conservative views as a college student without being called names, attacked personally, or even threatened by peers. I know because I’ve lived it.

The worst came after I appeared on Fox News in May to voice alarm over a new course at my Ivy League institution that deeply criticized Donald Trump while venerating Barack Obama.

“Based on the syllabus it doesn’t seem like a fair conversation,” I said about the new government course offered this past fall at Cornell called “America Confronts the World.” The syllabus accused Trump of xenophobic nationalism while describing Obama as a pragmatic cosmopolitan.

“If I were to walk into the classroom I don’t think I would feel comfortable expressing my views. I am somebody who likes to take a fair stance. I think it’s important that we are critical of the president but we also recognize the good that he’s done. I don’t think that would be encouraged in this class.”

Asked by the Fox News host if there is an overwhelming liberal bias at Cornell, I said yes.

“When you have a professor telling you what is right and what is incorrect rather than having the students decide for themselves, to research beyond the headline and analyze the situation, I think they just take whatever the professor tells them and they are not able to see the indoctrination,” I said.[…]

I had done the interview, not to show support or disagreement with any particular person, but to show the ridiculousness in comparing eight years of Obama’s presidency to the first 100 days of Trump’s term.

While I expected disagreement from many Cornellians for my views, I was mentally and emotionally unprepared for the backlash, name calling, and threats to my physical safety.

Some peers called me “hateful” for being critical of the course, even though I never attacked the professor’s character. Others suggested I was bigoted, even though they had never met me.

One threat I received was over Facebook messenger, where someone said that they wanted to hurt me. Considering that Cornell University’s College Republicans president had been physically assaulted right after Trump was elected — shoved to the ground and called a “racist bitch” — threats around here are no joke.

But that wasn’t all.

The Cornell Daily Sun campus newspaper published an article largely critical of my Fox News appearance that also gave the impression conservatives and liberals on campus were against me.

After talking to some people quoted by the Sun, I found that their quotes had been taken out of context and misused in a deceitful way to make it seem as though they were more opposed to what I said.

Some comments from peers on the Sun’s Facebook page about the article referenced “fighting” to defend the professor teaching the controversial course, and I interpreted it as them wanting to physically fight me. In retrospect, perhaps that is not what they meant, but at the time it was an emotionally charged issue. I was apprehensive.

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